The Sustainable Food Report 2022



The Sustainable Food Report was written against the backdrop of a series of economic shocks which have fundamentally altered the economics of food production. Markets are more volatile, input prices are going up, global supply chain fragilities have been exposed and food subsidies are being phased out. The only constant is the low return to primary producers.

This report to government, parliamentarians and policymakers highlights the value of agriculture to the social, economic and environmental ambitions for the country.


“Agriculture underpins everything we want to be as a society”

Sarah Calcutt, CEO, City Harvest and Vice Chair, Rural Policy Group


The report is designed to highlight agriculture’s direct financial contribution to the economy and indirect value added through the food supply chain and other industries such as tourism and agritech. Uniquely, the Sustainable Food Report gives a financial valuation and sustainability statement for the sector, positioning it as a FTSE 100 constituent to demonstrate its scale and reach.

We demonstrate the benefits of agriculture and farming to improvements in public health, levelling up rural communities, delivering clean energies, environmental recovery and food security.

We were thrilled to partner with Greater Lincolnshire Local Economic Partnership (LEP) whose UK Food Valley strategy shows what can be achieved when the potential of the food businesses is unlocked. Their clear-sighted plan for food-centric economic development has created a hub that employs 75,000 people and attracts £1 billion inward investment annually.






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