APPG on Fair Value in the Food Supply Chain

All-Party Parliamentary Group

Rural Policy Group has collaborated with parliamentarians in both the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament to establish an All-Party Parliamentary Group. The aim is to raise awareness amongst policymakers of the challenges within the food value chain, make recommendations to inform government policy and influence the design of national frameworks for collaboration and regulation.



 APPG Statement

To address, as a matter of national interest, power imbalances within the food supply chain and encourage fair margins and contract terms at every stage, from primary producer to retailer to secure the future of British food production.

Key Points:

  • Fair margins and contract terms as an essential pre-requisite for viable farm and food businesses.
  • Fair margins and contract terms which incentivise participation in an equigenic industry such as farming are in the national interest: levelling up rural communities with employment, skills and wealth; environmental gains; food security to deliver improvements in public health and protection from economic shocks; growth in the rural economy.
  • Investigate and address the power imbalances which give rise to unfair demands on downstream partners.
  • Review the legislative framework, regulatory mechanisms and voluntary collaborative approaches for motivating fair margin shares and terms.
  • Recommend a course of action which would improve access to these mechanisms and bolster their ability to take action against those which do not adhere to the required standards.

APPG Members

Rural Policy Group believes food transcends party politics and fixing the food system must be a common goal for all parliamentarians and policymakers as it is of fundamental importance to the life and health of every single one of us. As such we are delighted many of the main parties are represented and working collaboratively to advance Parliament’s understanding of the food value chain and it’s importance to economy, environment and society. 

Chair: Daniel Zeichner MP (Labour)

Officers and Members: Alan Brown MP (SNP), Martyn Day (SNP), Rosie Duffield MP (Labour), George Eustice MP (Conservative) and Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (The Green Party), Lord Cameron of Dillington (Conservative) and Lord Carrington (Crossbench). 


To register your interest in the APPG as a parliamentarian or supporting the group in the collection of evidence to support its recommendations, please email