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Become a Member today to enjoy access to a range of exclusive benefits and networking opportunities. RPG is bringing together a range of businesses and other organisations involved in the food supply chain, from farmer to multiple, to motivate change and a fair deal for all partners. Join us in chamioning the cause of British producers and the value of a financially and environmentally sustainable farming industry.

  • Monthly Food in Brief newsletter with latest industry news
  • Invitations to attend events held by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Value in the Supply Chain
  • Exclusive access to the annual Sustainable Food Report
  • Participate in surveys and research to drive policy changes in support of British food businesses
  • Priority Pass for RED Talks and other events
  • Attend the AGM and help shape our lobbying activity
  • Join Virtual Clusters (interest groups) of businesses & organisations in the food value chain which are motivated for change
  • Pledge your support for the work of Rural Policy Group. As an industry, we are stronger united!

Why join the Rural Policy Group community?


RPG is a growing community of peers where you can connect with other business leaders in your industry, develop professionally with regular briefings and events, gain insight into the changes and challenges in your operating environment and influence the political debates around food and farming. You will also have access to advice and guidance from a network of hand-picked professional services practices with a demonstrable commitment to supporting British food businesses.


Connect with like-minded farmers and leaders within the food industry. Share experiences and enjoy the camaraderie of your peers virtually and in-person at events throughout the year. FREE to members.


Get information to help you grow your business with regular briefings, events and an exclusive annual report on the state of agriculture, food and farming in the UK. FREE to members.

Professional Development

Develop your skills and knowledge with training created by experienced professionals from within the food industry. Free to members.

Business Support

Take advantage of unbiased advice on strategic and operational challenges from a network of highly respected professional advisors who are on hand to support you with legal, tax, accountancy, audit, ESG, mortgage and other business advice. Reduced fees for members.


Have your say. RPG is your voice in the corridors of power. Together we can influence the debate, reshape the food agenda and encourage a review of the framework of policies, regulations and legislation that underpin your business plans and operations. Free to members.

Rural Policy Group Membership Fee


Membership is £100 per annum for the full range of benefits.

Your contribution will enable RPG to continue advocating at the highest levels for a fair deal for agriculture, food and farming businesses across the UK. Our goal is to secure a business + political commitment to a redistribution of value throughout the food supply chain and nudge policymakers towards a more ambitious food security target.


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Rural Policy Group has entered into a data sharing agreement with its partners and sponsors. They have been carefully selected to add value to our members and audiences through the provision of sector-specific expertise. Their contribution enables us to continue providing business support and amplifies our voice when lobbying for a more financially and environmentally sustainable agriculture, food and farming sector. If you would prefer to opt out of receiving communications from our partners, please email

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