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Rural Economic Development Talks, better known as RED Talks, began in 2020 to address the issues the rural economy and allied industries were facing from a global pandemic and the UK’s exit from the European Union. Positive and action-oriented in outlook, the Talks have been attended by over 1000 businesses from 25 countries worldwide for their unique combination of political and macroeconomic overviews, industry insight and sustainable finance and business advice.

RED Talks are held online and last between an hour and 90 minutes. The debates are too interesting to curtail! We bring together the best minds in politics, economics, business, finance, academia, medicine and science to discuss the big issues of the day and support leaders in agriculture, food and farming to find and seize opportunities for sustainable progress and growth. Following a series of short, snappy briefings from a thoughtfully selected panel of experts, the floor is opened to questions and comments from the audience so we can tailor the session to what you need.

RED Talks are delivered in collaboration with our professional services partner, MHA MacIntyre Hudson.


Union Jack wheat

What does British Food need from the next government?

With a general election on the horizon, RPG will be spending 2024 asking British Food what it wants and needs from the next government. We’ll be speaking to industry experts and business leaders about the policies, funding and tax legislation they hope to see in the RED Talk series. And taking the temperature of businesses in a series of polls and surveys. 

Great Yorkshire Show Rural Policy Group

Resilience in British Farming


Dr Richard Byrne of Harper Adams shares his research on agricultural policy design in England, and whether or not it is fit for purpose in the future faced by the UK. It models two scenarios which imply that prices will have to rise to maintain supply and diversity of sourcing or we pivot to a US model of lower welfare and less choice in the food supply, and as a result trading that for a different kind of agri-landscape. 

Dr Byrne and the panel of business and political speakers debate the agricultural and land management policies we need to fix the food system and enjoy a food secure future. 

Great Yorkshire Show Rural Policy Group

What can the next government do for farming?

RPG at the Great Yorkshire Show 

A panel of experts from farming, business, politics and research come together to discuss how recent policies have impacted farming and the wider food system. We’ll be taking a look into what’s needed to stimulate investment in food production, the financial requirements of ever more environmentally sustainable farming practices and the pressures facing the food supply chain. Ultimately, we want to know what YOU need from the next government to secure your farming future. 

Live at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate.

This is a free event for those attending the Great Yorkshire Show. 

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