Agri-Food Price Cluster

What is a Virtual Cluster


RPG’s Virtual Clusters bring together thought leaders and organisations from policy, business and academia who are ready to galvanise change in the food system.

Why we need an Agri-Food Price Cluster

Food prices in the UK are too low and it is not sustainable.

RPG exists to enhance the financial and environmental sustainability of the agriculture, food and farming sector in the UK by bringing together policymakers, business and academia in dialogue and collaboration. Central to our approach is championing a food security target of 70%, fair food pricing and achieving a fair distribution of margin throughout the food supply chain. These conditions are prerequisites for the profitability of farms and other food businesses.

Lack of a clear food strategy and baffling policy decisions have compounded the effects of recent international events which have led to the current climate of food shortages, declining food production and high food price inflation – all of which are symptomatic of the precarious financial position many food businesses are finding themselves in.

RPG is establishing the Agri-Food Price Cluster to bring together all the ‘links’ in the food supply chain to build greater understanding and transparency between partners and open conversations around contractual terms and conditions with the aim of motivating British food production, sustainably and profitably.


Agri-Food Price Cluster Goals

This is an opportunity for those in the food supply chain to work together to develop and agree a voluntary code of best practice which enables the food industry to meet consumer needs and guides fair treatment of trading partners up and down the chain.

It is also an opportunity to unite food businesses in speaking with a single voice on issues which affect the British food industry and wider food system when food prices are not aligned to the cost of production, such as food standards, sustainability, food fraud and food shortages.

Through shared dialogue, it is also an opportunity to explore pinch points in the food supply chain from different perspectives with a view to resolving those difficulties to ensure a plentiful supply of produce.


Membership criteria

Membership is open to any business participating in the supply of food, from farm to fork.

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Marketing board or cooperative
  • Food processing and manufacturing
  • Transport and logistics
  • Import/Export
  • Wholesalers
  • Independent food and drink retailers
  • Farmers markets
  • Supermarkets and multiples
  • Hospitality
  • Food distribution charities
  • Specialist business partners such as lawyers, business advisors and bankers


Membership fee

In recognition of the extraordinary times we are living through, the annual membership cost of £50 per business is voluntary.

Membership fees are contributed to support of the administration of the Cluster, its work and the promotion of its outputs.


How to join

Simply email