Sector Valuation Tool


Rural UK plc – Sector Valuation Tool


We are all hugely dependent on the UK Rural outputs – from food to bio-fuels, from clothing to horticulture – and yet how many of us know the sector’s true worth and, just as importantly, its value? 

Rural UK plc Sector Valuation aims to treat the UK Rural sector as though it’s a business – what are its cost inputs and value outputs? How should food and other outputs be valued and funded.

Rural UK plc Sector Valuation aims to treat the Rural economy as a business, looking at all the aspects that are often invisible to the public. 

This critical tool enables real discussions to take place about the true value of rural outputs to the UK economy informing, amongst other things, debates about supply chain management and fair pricing. 

We shall shortly be publishing our latest Rural UK plc sector valuation – look out for it and follow discussion of its practical application through the RPG RED talks.