A few words from Rural Policy Group Founder and Chairman, Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, about his recent appointment as a Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

“Today my career has come full circle, in the best way possible.

“Many years ago, when I left Keele University as a graduate in Law & Economics, I joined MacIntyre Hudson, the leading Auditing & Accountancy firm, under the Graduate Chartered Accountancy Training Programme, progressing to a Director of Audit.

“Following a lengthy secondment, I returned to MHA MacIntyre Hudson in 2019 and am delighted to announce today that I have been appointed as a Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson, with special interests in agriculture, food, farming & rural business, as well as the MacIntyre Hudson Dynamic ESG programme.

“What does that really mean? It means being able to deliver the very highest levels of service nationally – and globally, MHA is the UK member of Baker Tiller International – in the areas that I am passionate about – Food, Agriculture & Rural Business, and the vital area of Dynamic ESG, as well as a number of other industrial and service sectors.

“My aim? To continue to follow my personal goal to ‘make the impossible possible’, and to make a difference, where making a difference really counts”.



Linked In: Mark J Lumsdon-Taylor

Email: Mark.LumsdonTaylor@mhllp.co.uk