The Rural Policy Group exists to further the dialogue between policy influencers, academics and business to achieve better outcomes for the food and farming industry and all participants in the food system, including consumers and the environment.

Part of this role is championing British growers and producers, advocating on their behalf and raising awareness of challenges to the UK’s food security, such as financial pressures on food businesses, supply chain fragilities and risks associated with climate change. RPG’s role also encompasses calling for change when needed and support to embrace the opportunities presenting themselves to the food industry.

As such, RPG works with the media from time to time to achieve a platform from which to amplify the voices of the food and farming community. These opportunities are always very much appreciated.


BBC Farming Today – 16/09/2022

Vice Chair Sarah Calcutt speaks to Anna Hill about the September 2022 RED Talk, The Value of Food. They discuss the rising cost of food production, the retail price of food, the health value of food and whether consumers have a full understanding of the true cost of food.

Time stamp for the RPG interview: 7.39

BBC Farming Today
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