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Founder and Chair Mark Lumsdon-Taylor discusses how Rural Policy Group is energising environmental social governance (ESG) within the rural economy, and why fair dealing in the food supply chain is critical the future of British farming.


Agriculture, food and farming is the foundation stone on which economy and society are built. It is the link between health, wealth and planet. In the RPG financial valuation and sustainability report, we examine the intrinsic value of the AFF industry and its role as the powerhouse of the green transition.

Rural Policy Group is a visionary action-oriented think tank and advocate for sustainable rural policy across the United Kingdom. Originally set up with a rural focus, RPG quickly expanded into healthcare and environment social governance (ESG) realising a systems-thinking approach was needed to tackle today’s business challenges and create a more resilient economy and society. We belive that a healthy economy can only occur within the framework of healthy people and a healthy planet.

RPG provides a voice for the rural economy in the UK, facilitating dialogue between rural businesses, allied industries and government. As we enter a new post-Brexit and post-COVID paradigm, the policy group continues to support small businesses, multi-national companies and public sector organisations alike to achieve greener, more equitable growth for UK PLC, and improve the lives of people living in rural and remote communities.

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Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

We delve into the issues of the day facing rural businesses and rural communities, providing insight, commentary and sustainable business and financial advice to industries as diverse, yet inextricably linked, as farming, food, tourism and hospitality. Underpinning this policy theme is the need for reform in the food system, starting with a more ambitous food security target and a review of food pricing and margin share in the supply chain. 

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An economy cannot function without a healthy population to drive it and medical intervention alone does not provide a sustainable or effective solution for better health. We work with public & private healthcare providers and employers to improve public health and wellbeing through the integration of prevention healthcare and natural treatments with traditional medical structures. Along with our ecosystems approach to healthcare and prevention health, RPG has a special interest in mental wellness.

Creating Good Mental Health

Environment Social Governance (ESG)

We engage with government and business to support the journey to Net Zero carbon emissions and encourage the uptake of more sustainable and ethical financial and business practices across the rural economy and allied industries. 

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