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Rural Policy Group is the home of RED Talks – Rural Economic Development Talks. The world is in a state of flux and RED Talks will address the issues rural business owners, farmers and landowners are facing. RPG and its professional partners will explore the current issues facing rural businesses, seek interim solutions and look towards the future of the rural economy and rural policy to shore up rural now and for generations to come.

RED Talks are virtual debates held on Zoom and last approximately one hour. Information and advice from a panel of politicians, business people, professional advisors and policy wonks drawn from rural industries is followed by an open floor for attendees to ask questions or offer their own contribution to the topic. It’s one third us; two thirds you.

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Nature on Prescription

The healing and health-creating benefits of nature are well known, although natural therapies have traditionally been on the fringes of healthcare. However, they are likely to become more mainstream as the Department of Health shifts its gaze towards the development and roll out of preventative healthcare strategies in the wake of covid; the pandemic has shown how quasi-lifestyle factors can influence the likeliness of illness and the severity with which illnesses are experienced. This development in government thinking and our increased awareness of our health status combine to create greater demand for nature on prescription. We look at natural therapies, commercial opportunities for landowners and healthcare businesses, and how nature prescribing can be integrated with existing public and private health structures.


ELM & Commercial Opportunities

The switch to the Environmental Land Management Scheme could be hard for many businesses receiving CAP payments, particularly smaller farms which may not have land available to qualify for payments under the new scheme. However, investing in ELM-qualifying features to maximise revenue for public goods can have a secondary benefit. Some of these investments can also be put to commercial use to improve the RoI and increase diversification. We investigate ELM and how to make it work for farm businesses of every size.

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